Meet the Team Behind Rasta Taco's Creative Culinary Concoctions
Posted by RTLB

Running a successful restaurant of any size is never easy. It takes organization, talent and skill - if an extremely small taco stand like ours.

We are pleased to introduce the leadership responsible for the creative culinary concoctions as well as the stellar service customers receive at Rasta Taco Laguna Beach. 

General Manager Luke Prietto is passionate about sharing high quality. Luke graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. Aside from managing the restaurant, Luke spends the rest of his time at the beach or playing music.

Luke has a decade of customer service experience, delivering quality products to clients both locally and globally. Here in Laguna Beach, Luke strives to provide a fulfilling, memorable experience for his guests by attuning to the fine details from the dining patio to the service window through the kitchen.

Luke’s cousins are Rasta Taco owners Justin Prietto and Mario Melendez. He was chosen specifically to manage the restaurant because of his ability to build community and to uphold the integrity of the Rasta Taco brand.

Executive Chef Matthew Horton hails from Los Gatos, CA. He washed dishes to put himself through culinary school and earned a degree in Culinary and Hospitality Management from Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA.

Chef Horton has a surplus of experience working with food and creating new gourmet recipes. From bartending to catering, he has worked as a sous chef and a line chef preparing dishes from a variety of different regional cuisines. He has prepared served food from eateries in San Jose, Manhattan Beach, Venice and Los Angeles.

His philosophy is: “Fresh, fast and full of flavor”. His dishes are known for their simplicity, yet dynamic flavors. For this reason he was hired to revamp the menu for Rasta Taco’s grand opening. His gourmet-style tacos are already proving to be a hit in Laguna Beach, earning Rasta Taco 5 star reviews and guests with smiling faces.