Rasta Taco Begins "Taco Tuesday" Tradition in Laguna Beach
Posted by RTLB

We offer a Taco Tuesday deal in Laguna Beach that is sure to keep your wallets – and stomachs – full. Our prices are low and our tacos are gourmet.

What better reward is there for surviving Mondays than celebrating with a Taco Tuesday?

On Tuesdays we offer gourmet tacos with vibrant flavors you want to experience!  We offer beer for $2.75 each all day! Choose from carne asada tacos, carnitas tacos, Jamaican jerk chicken tacos, the “One Love” vegan taco and the vegetarian Papa Jack taco.

Beer offerings include Corona, Modelo, and Red Stripe. 

We are the only taco shop that offers a choice of flour tortillas, corn tortillas or lettuce wraps for your Taco Tuesday meal.

Our tacos are garnished with fresh, raw jalapenos sliced thinly and sprinkled with sea salt and fresh lemon juice. 

The party happens each and every Tuesday. See you there!